Special points are emphasized, such as:

Bai Hui (DU 20) is good at reinforcing and lifting yang, to help strengthen the bladder and control urination.

San Yin Jiao (SP 6) regulates water flow and strengthens the bladder. 

Yi Niao Dian is the Bedwetting Hand point, also called Kidney point.

Dan Tian and Ming men to warm the kidneys and bladder.

Special Herbal Formulas are prescribed, depending on your child's diagnosis, such as:

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Shen Ling Bai Zhu San or

Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan

Dietary recommendations are given such as:

Avoid cold and raw foods

Eat cooked vegetables, soups and stews.

Home treatments are taught to parents such as:

Specific therapeutic massage techniques


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