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Colds and Flus

Your child's health is number 1 on your mind during the cold and flu season.  There are many actions we can take to insure their health.  Of course nutritious foods, outside play in nature and good sleep contribute, but what happens when they come home with a runny nose or cough?  That's when we add in the Tuina massages with essential oils, the Shonishin treatments and the herbal medicinal formulas.

To keep them well, give formulas with Astragalus and medicinal mushrooms such as Immunoberry or Traditional Asian formulas like Jade Screen.  

Children can take a few simple, specific supplements to maintain a strong and vital immune system during the fall and winter months when colds and flus predominate: An omega-3 fat supplement in the form of fish oil capsules, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Zinc and Vitamin C.

When they come down with a runny nose or fever, give Wind Breaker (from KAN herb company) or Children's Ear Formula (from Golden Flower herb company).  If a cough is developing, is it dry or wet?  Lung Qi Jr. (from Blue Poppy heb company) is very effective for a cough with mucus.

Specific Tuina massages can help to release the virus from their body: rub their back with diluted essential oils of thyme, oregano, lavender and eucalyptus.  

Cupping, Shonishin, Tuina massage and Herbal Medicine will help to keep your child well and help them to recover when they catch a cold or flu.

For info on monthly Lunar Full Moon treatments and individualized immune boosting therapies, contact Dr. Sally Sherriff, DAOM at 831-295-6327


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