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Good health starts with good digestion.

Digestive problems can be symptomatic of a number of common pediatric complaints including food sensitivities and allergies. Approaches to digestive wellness include dietary modification, food allergy identification and desensitization, herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation, immune support, high-quality probiotics, therapeutic massage and Shonishin. A holistic and individualized approach is essential for the health of our children's digestive system as well as the health of their whole body.

"What can I do when my child has digestive problems?"

*Decrease sugary, sweet foods, greasy/fried foods, packaged, processed foods and raw, cold foods. 

*Be sure your child balances rest, study and physical activities to reduce stress. 

*Provide organic home cooked meals with plenty of vegetables, protein and good fats. 

*Encourage your child to drink warm water, instead of cold.

*Give regular therapeutic Tuina massage, moxa treatments and herbal medicine at home.

Call Dr. Sally Sherriff, DAOM, 831-295-6327 for allergy testing and to recieve an individualized program of health for your child.

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